Essentials for Looking Classy


Black Dress: This one is definitely a must and usually in these kind of things. They are so great because they can really be dressed up or down. A black dress is also a great go to anytime you have to dress up and are not really sure how nice. They also look great on everyone!

Options: LuLu’s, Red Dress, Free PeopleCynthia RowleyWhite House Black Market

A great blazer: I have a few and started with basics like black but I realized that having a great, comfortable solid color one can really comes in handy. It can be fun and make the look more unique if you find the right jacket that is a little different!

My favorites: Eden SocietyChino’s, J. Crew Factory, H&M (Veronica Beard and Brooks Brothers offer some really nice blazers but they are definitely on the expensive side)

Solid button down: The classic options are normally white or blue but depending on what else is in your closet a lighter pink can work really well too. The great think about this is that it can dress up almost any outfit without much effort.

Options: Banana Republic, J. Crew FactoryBrooks Brothers Banana Republic (nice pink option), J. Crew

Blouse: H&M, J. Crew FactoryForever 21 (expensive but so cute St. John)

Dark blue or black skinny jeans: These are definitely a necessity. They are always a go to if I am not sure what to wear or do not want to put a ton of effort in. They basically go with everything, including most shoe styles. I always struggle with shoes when wearing straight or bootcut jeans but with skinny jeans, any boots work super well and they also look good with flats and sneakers.

Great options: Just BlackPAIGE for Nordstrom (also just PAIGE in general but their jeans are a little more expensive, same with Hudson), New York & Company

Olive or khaki pants: Basically pants other than jeans. Jeans are amazing but something like this gives you versatility and is a great backup if jeans aren’t acceptable at work or an event. There are some really comfy ones that look really nice! I personally choose olive because I do not really like the way khaki looks on me but it definitely works on a lot of people.

Options: American EagleNYDJ for Nordstrom, J. CrewAnn Taylor

BeltA classic belt that goes with any jeans can be so useful. I can be hard to find the right one because there are a lot of styles out there a lot depends on preference. I prefer a thicker belt for everyday wear just because I feel like it looks better (if it’s the right one). Personally I really do not like skipping on the belt even if the pants fit really well only because I feel like it looks really empty without one.

Great options: Nordstrom, INC , Buckle (expensive option Brooks Brothers)

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