Winter Jackets for Every Budget

With the cooler months closing in and snow finally in the forecast I though it would be appropriate to do a winter jacket round-up post. There are so many options out there so I am rounding up all of my favorites from varying price ranges. I am doing this whole list by price from low to high. The cheaper options are first and the price goes up from there. I also tried to find multiple budget options for each style. The great thing about today is that so many of these options are on sale right now!


Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 12.58.17 PM

1: This is by far my cheapest pick. Right now it is only $30 in all colors. A peacoat is a necessary item in any closet. This option however is lighter material so if you live in a very cold climate it definitely won’t suffice as a winter jacket. It is such a great deal though so I had to include it. It would also be great for both spring and fall.

2: This is such a great parka and comes in several really great colors. It is very affordable at $60. I have a jacket similar to this and it is my go-to in the winter. I highly recommend checking it out!

3: This classic topcoat is probably my most worn piece of outwear I own. It goes with just about everything and can easily be dressed up or down. Having some sort of classic jacket is how I bring my outfits to the next level during the winter.

4: A long wool coat is a must have. I really like the military style since it adds a little something more. This option from Nordstrom is such an amazing price.

5Here faux fur animal print option. $119 Also this one is actually my favorite and the cheapest faux fur one I have found. It comes in a beige/blush that I love as well.

6: A nice coat with a fur collar can be a nice addition as well. I liked this option from ASOS. I also really like this option from Ralph Lauren at Macy’s.

7: This is the perfect statement jacket and also has that oversized boyfriend look. I saw it first on Blair Eadie and fell in love. It is just an amazing print! If you like it tailored this one is a perfect option for the same price (it also has a great pattern).

8: This camel wrap coat is currently on sale for $272 and is usually $680. I do not actually have a wrap jacket right now but I am on the hunt and this is such a great option especially if you do not have a camel colored jacket. They go with everything.

9: This J. Crew Cocoon coat is an iconic winter coat. It is a litter pricer (40% off today!) but worth it. It comes in some great colors and could make for a great statement coat. This is very similar from J. Crew Factory but much cheaper.

10: Having a blush or white nice coat can be really nice for winter events. There are lots of options out there but I chose this Club Monaco coat because I am very into blush right now and I love how classic it looks.

11: Despite its high price I had to include this one since I recently discovered Canada Goose and have hear great things about the quality and warmth of their jackets. It is truly and investment piece that will last for years to come. It will probably keep you warmest as well.

12: I had to include a classic wool Burberry trench. The are very expensive however I found several alternative options. This wool-blend trench from Macy’s is a great price right now and has a very similar look. Also this coat from Nordstrom is a great trench in navy.

Stay warm!


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