Facing Homesickness in College

Homesickness is something that effects everyone in very different ways. It also shows up at different times in our lives. It is however very common to feel homesick during college, especially freshman year. I decided to write this post on how I coped with homesickness during college and some good was to face that feeling.

The end of the fall semester and the beginning of spring semester of freshman year can be the toughest time for many students. This is when the novelty of the college experience wears off and a sort of reality sets in. You are on your own and are responsible for keeping your commitments and making decisions. College is definitely a cushion from the ‘real world’. However, realizations of your independence can cause a great deal of homesickness, especially since for many people you are also physically far away from the people who cared for your for your whole life.  It can be a really tough time despite the fun you may be having in college. It is especially hard if you have not found your niche of people quite yet. There are several things that helped me a lot when I was homesick during college.

Friends and mentors are really helpful in dealing with personal feelings. This can be tough in the first year of college because you may not have made friends yet that you trust enough to talk to about how you feel. I recommend trying to find a mentor, someone who is older and already has gone through similar experiences. This may be a sibling, a professor, a coach or community member. There is no exact formula for finding your right mentor. This can be really hard for people if you aren’t comfortable reaching out to people. It is important to know that there are many people out there who are eager and excited to share their experiences. Try volunteering or speaking to an advisor/professor. Not everyone will be open with you but you won’t know until you try. If you don’t want to find someone new, reach out to an older sibling, cousin or aunt/uncle.

My biggest way of combating that homesick feeling was staying busy and focusing on the present. There is so much to do in college beyond just classes and homework. I highly recommend finding some sort of hobby/club/class etc… that you really love. Something that really lets you be present and not be thinking about home. It may be soccer, painting, photography, dance or maybe you love to learn about a certain subject.

An important part of dealing with homesickness is also facing it, not just burying it. Your hobbies/passions are really important especially for the moments you are feeling unmotivated and sad however you will create a much healthy environment for yourself if you stop ignore the feelings of homesickness. I did this my creating a balance in my life between my present life in college and my life at home. I called my parents and friends from home around once a week. This gave me space to adjust but also helped me keep up my relationships back home. Creating a physical space that encompasses positive parts of your life back home can also be really helpful. Decorate with pictures and other items from home. Another great strategy for facing homesickness is to work a meditation or reflective journaling exercise into your daily routine. This allows you to get the thoughts you are having out and really reflect on what you are feeling and why you are feeling this way. College can be a busy time but just allow 10 minutes every morning or after dinner to give your thoughts some reflection. The important part of facing homesickness is creating a balance.

If the environment is right for you, that homesick feeling will grow into a positive relationship with your family and hometown. I say grow because being homesick is really part of becoming independent. You aren’t leaving everything in the dust, you are growing into your own independent human being, with your own life. If homesickness is affecting your performance in school and your relationships I recommend first trying some of these techniques for dealing with homesickness, but if you still feel that way, asses your environment. It may not be the right school for you, for many reasons. This doesn’t mean transfer right away. It just means assess what is going on around you and see if it meets your values and how you want to be living.


I just wanted to make a few notes on the outfit and location from these photographs. This is the historical location for Gennett Records in Richmond, Indiana. The studio was very well known and recorded many famous musicians (including Louis Armstrong). The tribute now is very beautiful! These are my new favorite pants. When I ordered them I loved the color but was definitely nervous about being able to pull off the style. I am still getting used to the fit just because I have never owned anything like it before but they are so incredibly comfortable and I really like how they fall. So cute and great for looking dressy but being very comfortable.

Thank you for reading, I hope this was helpful. The process for writing this piece was actually incredibly reflective for me. It helped me think about my college experience more and how I have changed throughout the past four years.



10 Fall Favorites Under $50

Today I am rounding up my favorite items under $50. Most of what I included has been on my own wishlist for several weeks. I think affordable fashion is definitely a priority for most people, myself included, so I want to do some sort of series in the future that focuses on looking great on a budget.

Collage created using TurboCollage software from www.TurboCollage.com
Collage created using TurboCollage software from http://www.TurboCollage.com

1. Velvet Bow: This is just the perfect fall accessory. It would be great for the holiday season and can easily carry into winter. I have mentioned it before in my post on Fall Trends but I couldn’t help but add it to this post as well since I have been eyeing it for so long.

2. Tie Booties: I am not sure where I original saw these posted but I found them again while looking at that statement bootie trend. I bought several pairs of shoes from Sole Society this summer and I like their styles as well as the quality for the price.

3. Ruffle Sweater: There have been at least three J. Crew sweaters that I have been looking at recently. I am so impressed with some of their styles and prices this season. This sweater is great because it is on trend for fairly cheap and the color choices are perfect (they go with anything!).

4. Plaid Blazer: This one I am seriously thinking about purchasing. The plaid blazer is such a classic piece, especially for fall. I have been looking for one that is good quality but not too expensive. This one seems great but I can’t be sure of the quality yet.

5. Leather Belt: A leather belt is a staple wardrobe item. Especially a brown leather belt. I love the equestrian embellishments on this buckle, its just such a classic touch that could really pull an outfit together.

6. Grey Sweater: This sweater caught my eye because it is one that won’t really go out of style. In a neutral I would wear something like this for so many years to come (very worth the price).

7. Burgundy Bag: Burgundy is very in right now and it is a great color for both the fall and winter seasons. I found this bag when I was looking specifically for pieces in that color. I didn’t get it but I keep coming back to it since it looks like such a great bag (in both color and style).

8. Slide Loafers: Loafers are an essential shoe to have. The are comfortable, work appropriate and very classy. Slides are so easy to just slip on, immediately taking an outfit to the next level. Nicer ones can be pricier but these seem like a great pair, for relatively cheap.

9. Watch: I am on the search for a good watch that will look great with my outfits. I have always been the type to wear super simple and durable watches but lately I have been feeling the need to step up my game. I think I am going to ask for one for Christmas however I have been looking for some cheaper ones and this one caught my eye.

10. Plaid Skirt: Plaid in general is definitely a very fall/winter pattern. Even though the styles have changed quite a bit, plaid skirts are classic items and definitely are worth it. This one is not too expensive and I like the simplicity of the pattern.

As always feel free to share any thoughts, items or questions. I love the feedback and I love engaging readers!


Burgundy & Fall Flowers

This beautiful ASOS sweater is my new favorite. I love the fall color, its absolutely beautiful. The detailing on the back is so fun and I love how the sleeves taper. It is also very comfortable and perfect for walking in the mild fall weather, cool mornings and warmer afternoons.

I have been taking lots of photographs of all the fall flowers in bloom right now. They are so beautiful and I never have associated flowers with fall so its a nice change. I am really loving it and am trying to search for different colors in different places. I chose my favorite photos so far to add to this post and they are just so pretty!


Sweater ASOS, Pants similar, Boots Tory Burch

Have a wonderful day!


Fall Harvest

It is a beautiful fall day and I am incredibly excited to take a walk through the gorgeous trees. I pulled some pictures from adventures in the past couple of weeks. It has just been such a fun-filled festive month and I am excited for more. I have finally had time to bake and cook a ton which has been really fun and delicious. There is still much to come but here is my October photo diary so far.


Have a lovely weekend!


Brunch Outfit Ideas

So I wore this black skater dress the other day for a Sunday brunch with some friends and I felt so Audrey… so Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It was perfect. I went all out with a top knot and pearls. We made scrambled eggs, potatoes and pancakes, adding strawberries and homemade maple syrup. We topped it all off with some mimosas and lots of good girl talk.


Dress similar, Sweater Brooks Brothers, Flats Zara, Bag Nordstrom, Sunglasses similar, Pearls vintage

So I compiled several other great brunch looks, inspired by all sorts of different things including TV shows, movies and current seasonal style:

The Casual look: This is the perfect look for that casual brunch with friends. It is classy so you can go anywhere or stay in and make some delicious food.


Top, Jeans, BagBootiesGlasses

The Fall look: This look is perfect for those foggy, pumpkin filled fall brunches. Don’t forget some apple pancakes and warm maple syrup with hot coco or pumpkin spiced lattes.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 11.08.09 AM


The TV look: These first looks are inspired by that upper east side brunch look feature in Gossip Girl. Its all about classy white dresses with small lace and embroidered embellishments. It is definitely the upscale look, the fancy Sunday brunch with grandparents at the club or an event brunch.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 9.41.42 AM

Dress, ShoesNecklaceBag

Once again, brunch is my favorite as I absolutely love breakfast food and I love getting dressed up even just to eat a delicious meal. I hope you enjoyed and have a wonderful Wednesday!


Dark Fall Florals

Some of the trees around here are so beautiful right now. Brilliant reds and oranges are starting to grace our trees and I absolutely love it. This past weekend I went on a walk to find the prettiest leaves and stopped at the library on the way back. Now that I am not in school I actually have time to read for fun so I had a great time browsing the shelves.

I found my perfect (and affordable) dark floral for this fall. This gorgeous dress is the perfect style and the floral pattern is very pretty. I love the yellow touches and the general shape of the dress. The sleeves are so pretty and provide some coverage for cooler days.

DSC_0007DSC_0036DSC_0069Processed with VSCO with m5 presetIMG_2063IMG_2067

Dress ASOS, Booties Sole Society, Hat J. Crew Factory


Fall Penny Loafers

Good morning! For today’s outfit post I want to share one of my favorite outfits of the season. It is my favorite mostly because of these amazing loafers I purchased from Nordstrom. I mentioned them several weeks ago and ever since they arrived I have worn them about every other day. The are so classy and make just about any outfit look great. The heels have taken some getting used to but in general they are very comfortable and great for walking. They also work so perfectly with all the fall colors and leaves. I am very impressed with the quality as well because they weren’t cheap (around $90) but the quality feels like they could be much more. G.H. Bass & Co. is a Maine based company that seems to be all about creating quality shoes. They are perfect for all those fall adventures as well as work days.


Overalls similar, Button Down similar, Penny Loafers G.H. Bass & Co., Sunglasses similar (original post)